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Find out where your Ancestors really come from

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Why Take A Living DNA Test?

1) Twice the detail of other ancestry tests
Living DNA gives you your DNA mix across 80 world regions, including 21 in Britain and Ireland. 

2) 3-in-1 ancestry test
Living DNA’s test not only covers your family line ancestry, but unlike other tests we also include your motherline, and your fatherline ancestry if you are male.

3) View your ancestry through history
Living DNA breaks down your ancestry going back up to 10 generations, and shows how we are all connected.

4)Ancestry results are updated for free
As science and systems evolve, your DNA results will be updated to provide on-going details about your ancestry


Taking a Living DNA TEST is Simple
Order online
No matter where you are, your kit is shipped straight to you by standard or express mail.
Take your swab
Once you receive your kit, Activate it online, collect your DNA sample with our easy to use mouth swab.
Mail your sample back
0nce you collect your DNA sample, pop it in the mail using our free return bag.
View results online
Get ready to explore your results within 10-12 weeks online.

See Your Family as you have never seen them before

Living DNA provides a far more powerful version of your ancestry estimation.  It was developed with leading scientists and academics.

You will have a level of detail never possible before, such as which region in the UK any ancestors came from.

Living DNA’s test is truly global, covering twice the detail compared to other companies. It allows you to see how you share ancestry with people all over the world at different times in history.

What You Get

What You Get

Living DNA is able to show you your ancestry in twice the detail of other tests. This is possible because of the scientific teams working on this project, and the detailed ways in which they can explore your DNA. Living DNA offers you two ways to review your results. You can view your results online or in a personalized book for an additional fee. This allows you to explore your DNA breakdown today, as well as the migration patterns of your ancestors dating back 80,000 years.
Family Ancestry

Family Ancestry

Living DNA puts your results in context, looking at your ancestry throughout history and give you your estimated family ancestry breakdown today. If you have British or Irish ancestry then it’s the only test that shows where within Britain and Ireland your ancestry comes from.
Motherline Ancestry

Motherline Ancestry

Through your mtDNA, we look at the history of your motherline from the point in Africa when we all shared the same DNA until recent times. Find out where your motherline descends from with a detailed breakdown of all the ancestral groups that have been part of this line. Living DNA also highlights any famous people who share the same motherline group as you.
Fatherline Ancestry

Fatherline Ancestry

Since females don’t carry the Y chromosome – men can see the paths of their male ancestors through your Y-DNA and explore the history of their fatherline from the point in Africa when we all shared the same DNA until recent times. Living DNA also highlights any famous people who share the same fatherline group as you. You will only receive this if you are a male because females don’t carry the Y chromosome – however, females will still get parts of their father's ancestry through their autosomal DNA.
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