What is a Haplogroup?

If you have had your DNA tested, you probably came across the word “haplogroup.” Ever wonder just what a haplogroup is, and how does it tie into your family history?  A haplogroup is your ancestral clan. Some clans are the Vikings, Swedish, Native Americans, Celts, Aboriginal Australians, and other such groups. The haplogroup you belong to tells you where your ancestors originated from far back in time.


Men have a haplogroup from their Father’s side and female’s haplogroup is from their Mother’s side. This enables you to see where your ancestors originated way back in pre-historic times.  Haplogroups follow straight lines of descendances.


Haplogroups track clans from which the modern human race descended.  Each haplogroup has sub-groups and can even pinpoint the very specific geographical area that the earliest member of that group lived.  For Instance, we had my husband’s DNA run and much to our surprise it pinpointed him to be from the haplogroup from Sweden and he was 26% Swedish.  It was pinpointed down to being that his haplogroup originated from Stockholm.  This explained the white-blond hair and crystal blue eyes.  He had always been told he was Irish and welch. His DNA also had another shocker in that he was 24% Portuguese, maybe that accounts for that beautiful tan skin?   Your Haplogroup can be a tremendous help in the tracing your ancestors. 


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